Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tie Rack Scarves for TISF Customers!

Dear Ladies,

I guess this will be the only entry for the month of May (i'm hoping so! :p :p :p) since yours truly need to spend more time to study for the final exam which will be in about 1 month time. :) Nevertheless, i can still re-stock the scarves that have already been sold (upon availability at Tie Rack stores) for you. I am more than happy to help any queries/questions regarding the scarves. Kindly email me at : :)

Before that, i want to introduce Oblong Silk with Sateen borders Tie Rack scarves. I really love the material as it holds nicely on my face. The width is about 10" bigger than the normal oblong scarves, so it covers the bust area to our liking.

Introduction price = RM90.
-Not inc postage. Refer at the great price section
for price of postage-

OS 1 - N/A

Love the pure white sateen borders! :)

OS 2 - N/A


Anddd, here goes the square and oblong scarves! :) :)

Square scarves :)

Oblong scarves :)

TR15 - N/A

TR51 - Sold

TR57 - N/A

TR63 - 2 Sold

TR74 - N/A

TR76 - 2 Sold

TR78 - N/A

TR95 - N/A

TR96 - 2 Sold

TR97 - N/A

TR98 - Sold

TR113 - N/A

TR125 - 2 Sold

TR146 - N/A

TR149 - N/A

TR155 - N/A

TR183 - N/A

TR184 - N/A

TR193 - N/A

TR194 - N/A

TR195 - Sold

TR196 - Sold

TR197 - N/A

TR35 - Sold

TR83 - Sold

TR86 - N/A

TR102 - N/A

TR103 - Sold

TR160 - N/A

TR161 - Sold

TR167 - N/A

TR170 - Sold

TR198 - N/A

TR199 - N/A

TR200 - Sold

TR201 - N/A

TR202 - Sold

TR203 - N/A

TR204 - N/A

Don't wait up. Email me at :) :)

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