Friday, November 20, 2009

Eidul Adha Gigasale!

Important Note:

---To those who have reserved the selected scarves, could you make the payment first within 24 hours after the reservation. Many thanks >_<----

Salam Gorgeous Ladies!

First of all, TISF would like to let our beloved customers know that we are lucky and thankful for the support >_<. Well wishes to all of you and hope you are enjoying your purchased soo much as we are. Thus, as a token of appreciation, we would like to present all the new collection of scarves we got from different Tie Rack stores all around UK :).

That's not all! We would like to "extend the sale" that we had since last week from today, Friday 20th Nov until Tuesday, 24th Nov!. It's bigger than MEGASALE! :p

All scarves are now sold at RM50!
(Instead of RM55)
And on top of that, the postage is FREE! :)

Terms and condition apply:
1) Purchase 3 or more scarves.
2) Payment should be made within 24 hours of reservation.
(Will strictly cancel reservations after 24hours!)
3) Scarves will be posted:
-Monday, 23rd Nov
-Friday, 27th Nov


Please note that i do not hold any extra stocks and all the available scarves hold the status "available" as below :)

I do not re-stock any additional scarves (for the time being). Sorry darlings! :)

To those who would like to purchase 1 or 2 scarves, price per piece will still be RM55 and postage will be RM10 :)



TR 114 - N/A

TR 276 - Sold (polyester+chiffon)

TR279 - N/A

TR284 - N/A

TR285 - Sold

TR298 - Sold

TR299 - N/A (Polyester+chiffon)

TR303 - 1 Sold, N/A (polyester+chiffon)

TR304 - Sold (polyester+chiffon)

TR309 - 2 Sold (chiffon)

TR310 - Sold (chiffon)

TR311 - Sold (chiffon)

TR312 - 2 Sold (chiffon)

TR313 - Sold

TR314 - 2 Sold

TR315 - Sold (polyester+chiffon)

TR316 -

TR317 - N/A

TR318 - N/A

TR319 - N/A

TR320 - N/A

TR321 - Sold

TR322 - N/A

TR323 - Sold

TR324 - Sold

TR325 - Sold


TR106 - N/A (chiffon)

TR269 - N/A (chiffon)

TR293 - N/A (chiffon)

TR306 - N/A (polyester+chiffon)

TR326 - N/A (chiffon)

TR327 - N/A (chiffon)

TR328 - N/A (chiffon)

TR329 - Sold (chiffon)

TR330 - Sold (chiffon)

TR331 - N/A

TR332 - N/A

TR333 - N/A

TR334 - Sold

TR335 - Sold

Email us at now! :)

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