Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Scarves For A New You :)

Hello Ladies :)

I can't believe that it's nearly January in a few days time. And in a month time, This Is So Fashion will enter it's 2nd year serving for all of you, the Tie Rack lovers >_<. For this entry, TISF do have a great offer on a few of the scarves (which are very limited and can't be restocked) at RM45 per piece (not including postage). Scarves sold at RM45 have the *** or else the price will be RM55 each. So, hurry up and grab yours! :)

I would like to notify that there is a change in the terms and conditions starting from today. I still take re-orders for any sold scarves, but there will an additional charge of RM5 per piece for any scarves requested. I know that most of the customers take this matter seriously but i'm afraid i will need to consider the commitment i have to put in for the service. I am sorry for the changes, i know that i will not disappoint you guys :)

For details, please refer to the
RHS section on This Is So Fashion :). Thanks ladies!



TR314 - Sold

TR317 - N/A

TR318 - N/A

TR342 - N/A

TR344 - N/A

TR345 - Sold

TR346 - N/A

TR347 - N/A

TR351 - N/A

TR352 - N/A

TR370 - Sold(h)

TR371 - Sold

TR372 - 2 Sold

TR373 - N/A

TR374 - N/A

TR375- 1 Sold, N/A

TR376 - 2 Sold

TR377 - N/A

TR378 - 2 Sold, N/A

TR379 - 3 Sold

TR380 -Sold

TR381 - 1 Sold, N/A

TR382 - Sold

TR383 - N/A

TR384 - Sold


TR309 - Sold

TR312 - Sold, N/A

TR299 - N/A (Polyester+chiffon)

TR350 - Sold

TR385 - N/A(Polyester+chiffon)

TR386 - N/A

TR387 - Sold

TR388 - N/A

TR389 - N/A


TR106 - N/A (chiffon)

TR269 - Sold

TR289 - Sold***

TR306 - N/A (polyester+chiffon)

TR326 - N/A

TR327 -
N/A (chiffon)

TR328 - Sold

TR332 - Sold

TR333 - N/A

TR360 - N/A

TR361 - N/A

TR367 -2 Sold (1h)

TR369 - N/A

TR390 - Sold

TR391 - Sold

TR392 - N/A

TR393 - N/A

TR394 - N/A

TR395 - 1 Sold, N/A

TR396 - N/A

TR397 - N/A

TR398 - N/A

TR399 - Sold (h)

TR400 - N/A

TR401 - N/A

TR402 - Sold

TR403 - Sold

TR404 - N/A

TR405 - Sold

TR406 - Sold (h)

TR407 - Sold (h)

TR408 - Sold (h)

TR409 - N/A

TR410 - Sold

TR411 - N/A

TR412 - Sold(h)

TR413 - N/A

TR414 - Sold

TR415 - Sold

TR416 - 2 Sold (h)

TR417 - Sold (light green)***

TR418 - N/A (Dark Green)***

TR419 - N/A (Not too dark, not too light blue)***

TR420 - Sold***

TR421 - Sold (light pink)***

TR422 - N/A (Red)***

Email me at now! :)

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