Wednesday, March 24, 2010

End March: Tie Rack Scarves Updated! :)

Dear Ladies/customers/readers :)

It's end of March and
This Is So Fashion would like to present all the lovely scarves that yours truly have collected from the nearest Tie Rack store. You might already seen most of the designs from this batch. But InsyaAllah it's worth to browse through all the collections since some of them are hard to find. Thus, for this batch, I might not be able to re-stock the sold scarves (not for the time being) due to the stock limitations. Don't worry ladies, I will upload more updated scarves insyaAllah later..Feast your eyes for now :)

All scarves now sold at RM55
(postage will be fixed at RM10 for any purchases)



TR563 - Sold

TR564 - Sold, N/A

TR565 - N/A

TR566 -N/A

TR567 - Sold

TR568 - Sold

TR569 - Sold

TR570 - Sold

TR571 - N/A

TR572 - Sold

TR573 - Sold

TR574 - Sold

TR575 - 2 Sold

TR576 - Sold

TR577 - Sold

TR578 - Sold

TR579 - Sold

TR580 - Sold

TR581 - N/A

TR582 - N/A

TR583 - N/A

TR584 - N/A

TR585 - N/A

TR586 - 2 Sold (Polyester+chiffon)

TR587 - Sold, Reserve for Hanis H, N/A (Polyester+chiffon)

TR455 - N/A (Mix of Polyester & chiffon)

TR513 - N/A (chiffon)

TR514 - N/A (chiffon)

TR544 - Reserved for Hanis H and 2 Sold

TR545 - Reserved for Hanis H, Rahayu, Asiah, 1 Sold

TR546 - 1 Sold, N/A

TR547 - N/A

TR548 - Sold (Mix of Polyester&chiffon)

TR549 - Reserved for Azza, 1 Sold (Mix of Polyester&chiffon)

TR550 - N/A (Mix of Polyester&chiffon)

TR551 - Reserved for Rahayu, 2 Available (chiffon)

TR552 - Reserved for hanis H, 1 Sold (chiffon)

TR554 - Sold


TR306 - Sold

TR393 - N/A

TR401 - N/A

TR404 - N/A

TR491 - N/A

TR492 - N/A

TR515 -N/A

TR518 - N/A

TR555 - N/A

TR556 - N/A

TR558 - N/A

TR559 -N/A

TR561 - Reserved for Asiah

TR588 - N/A

TR589 - N/A

TR590 -N/A

TR591 - N/A

TR592 - N/A

TR593 - Sold

TR594 - N/A

TR595- N/A


TR542 - N/A (red)

Email me at to reserve.

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