Wednesday, April 28, 2010

TISF Updated With Free Postage Offer

Dear Ladies,

TISF is proudly presenting more selection of scarves collected by yours truly from one of the best TR store here in UK :). I believe that these designs are from the latest collection and some of them you might have seen before, maybe in different colours.

For 1-2 scarves - RM60 each all inclusive
For 3 or more scarves - RM55 each all inclusive
(Unfortunately some of the scarves can't be re-stock, which I'll advise later.)

*All scarves will be shipped directly from UK.
**Scarves will posted using normal airmail,
for traceable parcel, kindly state in your email :)

Ladies, please note that emails should be sent with individual subject stating thecodes for the scarves. This is to prevent confusions when replying to any individual emails. Failure to do so will end up with emails not being replied.


TR455- N/A

TR548 -N/A

TR571 - Sold

TR582 - Reserved for Chika

TR596 - N/A

TR601 - Reserved for Yati J., N/A

TR603 - N/A

TR604 -N/A

TR606 - N/A

TR607 - N/A

TR620 - N/A

TR621 - N/A

TR624 - N/A

TR627 - Reserved for Nadiah

TR637 - Reserved for Rumaizah, Sold

TR638 - Sold, Reserved for Yati J.

TR639 - 2 Reserved for Rumaizah, N/A

TR640 - Sold, N/A

TR641 - N/A

TR642 - Sold

TR643 - Sold

TR644 - N/A

TR645 - Sold, Reserved for Liyana

TR646 - Sold, N/A

TR647 - Sold

TR648 - 2 Sold

TR649 - 3 Sold

TR650 - 2 Sold

TR651 - Sold

TR652 - Sold

TR653 - Sold

TR654 - Sold

TR655 - Sold

TR656 - Sold, Reserved for Rumaizah, N/A

TR657 - Reserved for Rumaizah, 4 Sold

TR658 - Sold

TR659 - Sold, N/A

TR660 - Sold

TR661 - 4 Sold

TR662 - 2 Sold, Reserved for Rumaizah, N/A

TR663 - Sold, N/A

TR664 - 2 Sold, Reserved for Suraiya

TR393 - N/A

TR491 - Reserved for Hifza

TR555 - N/A

TR542 - N/A

TR608 - N/A

TR609 - N/A

TR632 - N/A

TR633 - N/A

TR634 - N/A

TR635 - N/A

TR636 - N/A

TR665 - N/A

TR666 - N/A

TR667 - Sold, N/A

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