Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June Updates And 2 Days Offer

Dear ladies,

It has been a long time since my last update. :) So today I would like to present all the scarves that I have collected from a few of the Tie Rack stores. InsyaAllah, there will be more new Tie Rack scarves coming soon which I will update for your pleasure from time to time. Stay tuned okay..:)

I have changed the method of purchase a little bit. All you need to do is simply copy-paste the details below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

To order simply copy paste this into your email stating:
(Put subject of email as: Inquiry - for any inquiries or Confirmed Orders if orders have been finalised)
Phone Number:
TR codes:
Postal service: Normal airmail not insured/ Traceable postal service insured

Payment within : Just after getting a reply from This Is So Fashion / in 24 hrs / in 48 hrs/ 3 days
If some of the Scarves not available : Please proceed with everything else that are available / Cancel order/ Add more scarves (State the codes)

These details are very crucial in order to make sure that the transaction will go on smoothly :)

email me at :)

*All scarves will be shipped directly from the UK.
**Scarves will posted using normal airmail, or for traceable&insured parcel, kindly state traceable postal service in your email :)
***Traceable postal service will cost RM20 on top of normal postage charge.
****Please bare with me for a reply as I will need to entertain up to 20 emails per day :)

(16/6 and 17/6)
----offer has ended----
Orders for today and tomorrow (16/6 and 17/6) will be entitled for price pp of RM45 (instead of RM55)! Payment is due within 24 hours of reservation. So, hurry and send in your orders now..


Price per piece - RM55

TR455- Sold

TR551 - N/A

TR554 - N/A

TR596 - Sold

TR606 - N/A

TR607 - N/A

TR620 - N/A

TR621 - N/A

TR638 - Sold

TR640 - N/A

TR645 - N/A

TR646 - Sold, N/A

TR657 - Sold

TR659 - N/A

TR661 - N/A

TR662 - N/A

TR663 - Sold, N/A

TR664 - Sold

TR668 - Sold

TR669 - Sold

TR670 - Sold

TR671 - N/A

TR672 - Sold

TR673 - Sold

TR674 - Sold

TR675 - Sold

TR676 - Sold

TR677 - Sold

TR678 - Sold

TR679 - N/A

TR680 - N/A

TR681 - Sold

TR682 - Sold

TR683 - N/A

TR684 - Sold

TR685 - Sold

TR686 - N/A

TR687 - N/A

TR688 - Sold

TR689 - Sold

TR690 - N/A

TR691 - Sold

TR692 - Reserved for WE

TR693 - Sold

Price - RM55

TR393 - N/A

TR542 - N/A

TR632 - N/A

TR633 - N/A

TR636 - N/A

TR665 - N/A

TR666 - N/A

TR667 - N/A

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