Monday, February 16, 2009

Available Tie Rack scarves

Alhamdullilah, we both are settled with the first batch of Tie Rack scarves. All left to do, to wait for payments from some of the customers and to post the scarves that have been paid.

We are really sorry to inform that we had some troubles while at the post office earlier today, so we only can post your scarves tomorrow, 17th Feb and then we will email you darlings the tracking number. :)

Wrapped TR scarves


TR12 - Sold

TR13 - Sold

TR16 - Sold

TR25 - Sold

RM 55 per piece (not including postage).

You can figure out that by buying more than 1 piece you can cut cost on the price of postage.

For 3 pieces of scarves, the postage is RM10:
RM 165 plus RM 10 (giving you RM58.++ per piece)and,
For 2 pieces of scarves, the postage is RM15:
RM 110 plus RM 15 (giving you RM62.++ per piece instead) ,
For 1 piece of scarves, the postage is RM20:
RM55 plus RM20 (giving you RM75.00 per piece instead).

We apologize due to the increase in the price of postage. From this batch onwards, we will post the scarves directly from UK and it will differ from the price of postage using Pos Laju in Malaysia.
But still, u will get the benefit when buying 3 or more scarves :).

Happy viewing! :)

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