Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Second Batch Tie Rack Scarves

Hi Ladies,

We are pleased to announce that the second batch of Tie Rack (TR) scarves is now open for reservations. Since there are many requests on the TR that have been reserved, we are happy to get the specific design/s for you when there are 3 or more requests. However, this will take us 3/4 days in order to wait for requests.

Before we continue with the pictures, we would like to thank everyone who are interested in doing business with us. It was a good pleasure. Thanks darlings!

TR16 - Sold

TR17 - Sold

TR18 - Sold

TR19 - Sold

TR20 - Sold

TR21- Sold

TR22 - Sold

TR23 - Sold

TR24 - Sold

TR25 - Sold

Quantity: 1 each otherwise stated.
Material 16-20: 100% polyester.
Material 21-25: 100% Polyester Chiffon
Dimension: 90cm x 90cm.
RM 55 per piece (add RM10 for the postage).

You can figure out that by buying more than 1 piece you can cut cost on the price of postage.
For 3 pieces of scarves, this will cost you:
RM 165 plus RM 10 (giving you RM58.++ per piece)and,
RM 55 plus RM 10 (giving you RM65 per piece instead).

We will still send out your scarf/scarves wrapped with white wrapping paper in a nice Tie Rack gift bag. It will be wrapped well. :)

Tie Rack gift bags.

Forget Us Knot.

Happy viewing! :)

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