Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tie Rack Scarves Open for Reservations

This is our first attempt on selling Tie Rack scarves that come all the way from Tie Rack shops around London and Southampton.

It is undeniable that scarves are one of the fashion statements for women. Tie Rack scarf is one them. Grab one, two or three before they are gone!

TR 1 - Sold

TR2 - Sold

TR3 -Sold

TR4 - Sold

TR5 - Sold

TR6 - Sold

TR7 - Sold

TR8 - Sold

TR9 - Sold

TR10 - Sold

TR11 - Sold

TR12 - Sold

TR13 - Sold

TR14 - Sold

TR15 - Sold

Quantity: 1 for each design.
Material: 100% polyester.
Dimension: 90cm x 90cm.
RM 55 per piece (add RM10 for the postage).

You can figure out that by buying more than 1 piece you can cut cost on the price of postage.
For 3 pieces of scarves, this will cost you:
RM 165 plus RM 10 (giving you RM58.++ per piece) and,
RM 55 plus RM 10 (giving you RM65 per piece instead).

Good news as we will send out your scarf/scarves wrapped with white wrapping paper in a nice Tie Rack gift bag. Isn't it great?

Tie Rack gift bags.

Tie Rack labels


Take your time ladies and happy viewing! =)


Mama Kimi and Tsya said...

gosh! this is so drooling...soon yer aida. btw, thanks for dropping by at my blog and yeah, i cudnt wait to start on eclipse now; just finish new moon...

eh, what's the size of these scarves??

ynaZ said...

wow.. the scarf is so nice... thanks for dropping by my blog.. ^,^

This-is-so-fashion said...

Mama Kimi and Tsya: The size is 90 by 90 cm and i think it's not that small. Later i'll update the pictures when i wear my Tie Rack :)

ynaZ: Thanks for dropping by too :)

Hunny MJ @ PinkyRetro said...

thanx for dropping by &
all d best for ur sales blog...
nice scarves..

enina said...

Hi, can I have TR8, TR15 and TR3 ? Thanks

This-is-so-fashion said...

Sure you can Enina, we have reserved for you and have sent an email to your yahoo mail. ;)

reena said...

Hey, u jual Tie Rack tak habaq punn! I nak beli gak! Huhu.

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