Tuesday, March 10, 2009

4th Batch Tie Rack Scarves

Dear valued customers,

Thanks for the numerous emails and queries regarding the Tie Rack scarves. We from This is So Fashion are really fortunate to work with more than 30 customers that are definitely the Tie Rack lovers.

Since winter has passed, making way for the spring season, we would like to welcome the season with colourful square and oblong scarves. We have collected variety of designs from past season to the cheerful latest designs to fulfill your consciousness of what you are buying for.

"What you choose to wear says something about who you are."
-Hala Bahmet-

Unfortunately, we've been told that there are certain designs that can't be re-stock due to limitation of productions. So, hurry as we have a few limited designs listed. :)

Feast your eyes!


TR53 - Sold

TR54 - Sold

TR55 - Sold

TR56 - N/A

TR57 - N/A

TR58 - Sold

TR59 - Sold

TR60 - Sold

TR61 - Sold

TR62 - 1 Sold

TR63 - Sold

TR64 - N/A

TR65 - N/A

TR66 - Sold

TR67 - Sold

TR68 - Sold

TR69 - Sold

TR70 - N/A

TR71 - 2 Sold

TR72 - Sold

TR73 - N/A

TR74 - N/A

TR75 - N/A

TR76 - Sold

TR76(2) - N/A

TR77 - N/A

TR78 - Sold

TR79 - Sold

TR6 - Sold

TR16 - N/A

TR41 - N/A

TR42 - N/A

TR46 - 2 Sold

TR49 - N/A

TR51 - N/A


TR80 - N/A

TR81 - N/A

TR82 - Sold

TR83 - N/A

TR84 - Sold

TR85 - N/A

TR86 - Sold

TR87 - Sold

TR88 - N/A

TR26 - N/A

TR29 - Sold

TR32 - N/A

TR33 - N/A

TR34 - Sold

TR36 - N/A

Quantity: 1 Each otherwise stated.
Material: 100% Polyester and Polyester Chiffon.
Dimension: Square and Oblong.
Price: RM55 per piece (not including postage).

You can figure out by buying more than 1 piece, you can cut
cost on the price of postage.

For 3 pieces of scarves, the postage is RM10,
giving you RM58.++ per piece.
For 2 pieces of scarves, the postage is RM15,
giving you RM62.++ per piece.
For 1 piece of scarf, the postage is RM20,
giving you RM75.00 per piece instead.

We would like to inform that the scarves will be post directly from UK, and the price of postage will be different from using Pos Malaysia services.

We will wrap your scarves with white crisp paper and Tie Rack sticker on it. :)

p/s: Buy 4 scarves or more and you'll get free postage.


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