Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's All about Festival of Colours

Hi all Tie Rack Lovers and This Is So Fashion readers,

A big thanks to the customers that have purchased the scarves from the last batch collection. For this batch, we have a few scarves added to the latest collection for the square and oblong scarves.

As usual, we do take pre-order for the scarves that have been reserved. Just select the scarves, and let us do the search. We would be happy to help and will try not to disappoint you. :)

Happy viewing darling!


TR94 - Sold

TR95 - N/A

TR96 - N/A

TR97 - N/A

TR98 - Reserved for Haz

TR69 - N/A

TR6 - Reserved for Haz

TR16 - Sold

TR46 - Sold

TR57 - Sold

TR64 - N/A

TR65 - Sold

TR70 - Sold

TR72 - N/A

TR73 - N/A

TR74 - N/A

TR75 - N/A

TR76(2) - N/A

TR77 - N/A

TR78 - Sold


TR99 - N/A

TR100 - N/A

TR101 - Sold

TR102 - Sold

TR103 - Sold

TR104 - Sold

TR105 - N/A

TR106 - Sold

TR107 - N/A

TR108 - Sold

TR109 - N/A

TR110 - N/A

TR111- N/A

TR31 - Sold

TR32 - N/A

TR33 - N/A

TR36 - N/A

TR37 - Sold

TR38 - Sold

TR80 - N/A

TR81 - N/A

TR83 - Sold

TR84 - Sold

TR88 - N/A

What are you waiting for? Get the latest square and oblong Tie Rack scarves. Just send an email to thisissofashion@gmail.com.


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