Friday, May 15, 2009

Available Tie Rack Scarves To Grab! :)

Dear Ladies,

Here goes the scarves which are still available with us. Since we will not re-stock the scarves until a certain time period, only these are the ones for you to grab! :)

(Offer now ends)

Buy 3 or more scarves and you'll get free postage and RM5 discounts for each additional scarves.
Offer only applicable for all available scarves, not for the scarves that need to re-stock. )

TR74 - N/A

TR97 - N/A

TR146 - N/A

TR149 - N/A

TR155 - N/A

TR184 - N/A

TR189 - N/A

TR193 - N/A

TR207 - N/A

Oblong scarves :)

TR102 - N/A

TR106 - N/A

TR160 - N/A

TR167 - N/A

TR203 - N/A

TR204 - N/A

Don't wait up. Email me at :) :)

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