Friday, May 8, 2009

New TR Scarves and Promotions! :)

Dear Ladies,

This will be the last batch for this month. Thus, yours truly is calling for Tie Rack lovers to view our latest collection of square and oblong scarves! They are very limited and can't be re-stock :).

Buy 3 or more scarves and you'll get free postage. Buy 4 or more scarves and you will get another RM5 discount for each additional scarves!
Offer only applicable for the available scarves not for the scarves that need to re-stock. Payment required before Friday, 15th May)

Before that, i want to promote the Oblong Silk with Sateen borders Tie Rack scarves. I have limited numbers of this kind of scarves in black and white. Worth-buying as it is made of silk (currently is 50% off at the TR shops). I really love the material as it holds nicely on my face. The width is about 10" bigger than the normal oblong scarves, so it covers the bust area to our liking.

Introduction price = RM90 (Now RM85!).
(Including postage)

OS 1 - N/A

Love the pure white sateen borders! :)

OS 2 - N/A


Anddd, here goes the square and oblong scarves! :) :)

TR9 - Sold

TR15 - Sold

TR55 - 2 Sold

TR57 - Sold

TR59 - Sold

TR74 - N/A

TR76 - Sold

TR78 - Sold

TR95 - Sold

TR97 - Sold

TR113 - Sold

TR146 - Sold

TR149 - Sold

TR155 - N/A

TR183 - N/A

TR184 - N/A

TR189 - N/A

TR193 - N/A

TR194 - Sold

TR206 - Sold

TR207 - N/A

TR208 - Sold

TR209 - Sold

TR210 - N/A

TR211 - Sold

TR212 - Sold

Oblong scarves :)

TR102 - N/A

TR104 - Sold

TR106 - N/A

TR160 - N/A

TR167 - Sold

TR201 - N/A

TR203 -N/A

TR204 - N/A

TR213 - Sold

TR214 - Sold

TR215 - Sold

TR216 - Sold

TR217 - Sold

TR218 - Sold

TR219 - Sold

Don't wait up. Email me at :) :)


Yuyu said...

waah..tauke dh jadi model..bagus2! :D


Hhehee, tuhla kak yuyu, letak gambar kita pakai, customers dpt imagine how the scarf will be on the head :p. Kak yuyu punya kek bola nampak sgt tempting. Serius balik msia nak order! :)

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