Saturday, June 6, 2009

Forget Us Knot

Hye Ladies! :)

We are now back for business as usual, with updated Tie Rack scarves.
We currently have Oblong, Square and the new addition to our small online shop, Tie Rack Neck scarves :)
Interested? Email us at:

----------------Neck Scarves---------------------
(Can be used to accessorize handbags too!)
Price per piece: RM40

NS 1 - Sold

NS 2 - Sold

NS 3 - Sold

NS 4 - Sold

NS 5 - Sold

NS 6 - Sold

---------------------Square Scarves--------------------

TR9 - Sold

TR10 - Sold

TR12 - Sold

TR13 - Sold

TR20 - Sold

TR23 - N/A

TR 45 - Sold

TR54 - N/A

TR61 - 2 Sold

TR64 - Sold

TR68 - Sold

TR 74 - N/A

TR96 - 2 Sold

TR97 - Sold

TR98 - Sold

TR114 - N/A

TR117 - Sold

TR146 - N/A

TR149 - Sold

TR 155 - N/A

TR 184 - Sold

TR189 - Sold

TR 193 - N/A

TR197 - N/A

TR206 - N/A

TR207 - N/A

TR220 - N/A

TR221 - N/A

TR222 - N/A

TR223 - N/A

--------------------Oblong Scarves---------------------

TR32 - Reserved for Mahfuzah

TR82 - Sold

TR86 - Sold

TR102 - Reserved for Mahfuzah

TR103 - 2 Sold

TR104 - Sold

TR105 - Sold

TR106 - N/A

TR158 - Reserved for Mahfuzah

TR160 - N/A

TR161 - Sold

TR167 - N/A

TR173 - Sold

TR198 - Sold

TR199 - Sold

TR201 - N/A

TR203 - Sold

TR204 - N/A

TR215 - Sold

TR224 - N/A

TR225 - N/A

TR226 - Sold

TR227 - Sold

TR228 - N/A

Email us at:


layla said...

hi aida!

how do u do? it's layla here :)

fyi i dh receive yr oblong few weeks ago (or was it 1 mth++ ago?? sorry, i dun rmbr d date ahaks!)..

thanks for it, the shawl is nice & i soo like d design :)

but it came to a shock when i realized that its dimension, i mean the length & d width is a bit too short for me..??

the sticker at one end of d shawl labels "size one". oh, ada size ke? then if i want it longer/bigger, i should take size 2, 3, no?

sorry ya aida, this is my very 1st time to own a TieRack..
sayang la if beli mahal2 & import dr jauh but x dpt nk pakai :(
i pakai nmpk tengkuk & cam x cukup pnjg nk lilit2..
but i sgt sgt sgt suka d material & d design, suka sgt :))



Dear Layla :)

I am really sorry for taking it too long to reply to your comment :). I'm glad that you have received the scarf. Regarding the inquiry, i hope it does not shocked you too much :p. Yup, the dimension is a bit smaller than normal shawl that are sold (handmade) by locals. For the long shawl/ oblong scarf, it comes only in one size. Size one means it just comes in one size perhaps. I did not encounter different sizes for the oblong as well as the square scarves. To me, it was hard at first to wear the scarf due to the dimension, but i love the material. Thus, i tried searching for ways to wear the scarf.

Fyi, i have put up guides on how to wear the oblong and square scarves on my personal blog last few months. I hope you could refer to the guidelines. It is a bit hard to manage the scarf at first, but after a while, i think things will turned out well :)

Visit here for the tips and tricks on how to wear the scarves :)

Just remember to:
-Use at least 4 brooches.
-Wear full head-scarf to prevent the scarf from sliding.
-Pinned the brooch at the back of your head a bit lower so that it will cover your back nicely.
-Make sure the scarf were closely wrapped around your head.
-Use starch on the area that will be on your face for easy handling.

Hope that helps Layla! :)


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