Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TISF Is Having A Promotion!

Hye Ladies! :)

We have a few Oblong and Square Tie Rack scarves left for you to grab :)
Interested? Do drop us an email at: thisissofashion@gmail.com

------------------OFFER NOW END--------------

As usual, we are having our MONTHLY CLEARANCE from Monday, 15th June until Friday, 19th June. Buy 3 or more scarves that are currently available and get a FREE souvenir from London and a FREE postage!
Payment is required before Friday, 19th June.



---------------------Square Scarves--------------------

TR23 - N/A

TR114 - N/A

TR146 - N/A

TR 155 - N/A

TR 193 - N/A

TR206 - N/A

TR207 - N/A

TR220 - N/A

TR221 - N/A

TR222 - N/A

TR223 - N/A

--------------------Oblong Scarves---------------------

TR160 - N/A

TR201 - N/A

TR204 - N/A

TR225 - N/A

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