Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eid Clearance 2010

Dear ladies,

Raya/Eid clearance is here again! Why not celebrate this coming Eid with chic and colourful scarves from Tie Rack? :) We are having massive clearance (it's the greatest time of the year!!) up until middle next week (1st August 2010). So, hurry up and email me now! You know where to reach me. :)

Price per piece: RM40 (Inclusive of postage)
The best price in town! Woot!

I have changed the method of purchase a little bit. All you need to do is simply copy-paste the details below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

To order simply copy paste this into your email stating:
(Put subject of email as: Inquiry - for any inquiries or Confirmed Orders if orders have been finalised)
Phone Number:
TR codes:
Payment within : Just after getting a reply from This Is So Fashion / in 24 hrs / in 48 hrs/ 3 days
If some of the Scarves not available : Please proceed with everything else that are available / Cancel order/ Add more scarves (State the codes)

These details are very crucial in order to make sure that the transaction will go on smoothly :)

email me at :)

*All scarves will be shipped directly from MALAYSIA (and will reach you in just 3 days!)
**Scarves will posted using Pos Laju handled by Pos Malaysia.
Reservation period is 3 days only.
****Please bare with me for a reply as I will need to entertain up to 20 emails per day :)



TR695 - Sold, 1 Available

TR697 - Sold, Reserved for Shasha

TR700 - Sold

TR704 - Sold

TR708 - Sold

TR 709 - Sold

TR710 - Sold, 1 Available

TR712 - Reserved for Shasha

TR713 - 1 Available

TR714 - Sold

TR717 - Sold (chiffon)

TR718 - Sold

TR719 - 1 Available

TR722 - Sold

TR723 - Sold, Reserved for Zeti

TR544 - Sold

TR545 - Sold

TR552 - Sold

TR554 - 2 Sold, Reserved for Wawa (Chiffon)

TR606 - Sold

TR607 - Sold

TR620 - 2 Available

TR621 - 2 Available

TR637 - Sold

TR638 - Sold

TR640 - 1 Available

TR645 - 2 Sold (Mix Poly+Chiffon)

TR661 - Sold (Mix Poly+chiffon)

TR662 - 2 Sold (Mix Poly+chiffon)

TR663 - Sold (Chiffon)

TR687 - 1 Available

Price - RM45

TR393 - 1 Available

TR542 - 1 Available

TR632 - Reserved for Hana

TR633 - Reserved for hana

TR636 - Sold

TR665 - 2 Available

TR666 - Sold

TR667 - 1 Available

TR719 - 1 Available

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