Monday, September 20, 2010

September Update!

Dear ladies,
Sedikit ucapan untuk semua :)

Salam Eidulfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin
Ikhlas dari Aida, TISF :)

By the way ladies, here are a few of the TR scarves ready to be shipped from Malaysia to you :). All scarves will be shipped using Pos Laju by Pos Malaysia every Wednesday and Friday, so you will be expecting to receive the scarves in just 2 days (ahh, such a great news!). And since yours truly is a bit happy and still in her festive fever, the price has dropped (from the price stated on the right hand-side section)!!

Price per piece: RM50 (Inclusive of postage in Malaysia)
RM55 (Outside Malaysia)
The best price in town! Woot!

I have changed the method of purchase a little bit. All you need to do is simply copy-paste the details below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

To order simply copy paste this into your email stating:
Put subject as e.g. TR231, TR232 etc.
Phone Number:
TR codes:
Payment within : Just after getting a reply from This Is So Fashion / in 24 hrs / in 48 hrs/ 3 days
If some of the Scarves not available : Please proceed with everything else that are available / Cancel order/ Add more scarves (State the codes)

These details are very crucial in order to make sure that the transaction will go on smoothly :)

email me at :)

*All scarves will be shipped directly from MALAYSIA (and will reach you in just 2 days!)
**Scarves will posted using Pos Laju handled by Pos Malaysia.
Reservation period is 3 days only.
****Please bare with me for a reply as I will need to entertain up to 20 emails per day :)



TR695 - Sold

TR710 - 1 Available

TR719 - 2 Available

TR620 - 2 Available

TR621 - 2 Available

TR640 - Reserved for NURUL

TR687 - 1 Available

TR724 - 1 Available

TR725 - 2 Available

TR726 - 1 Sold, Reserved for Renie

TR727 - Reserved for FH

TR728 - 2 Available

TR729 - Reserved for HASFA and AKMA

TR730 - 2 Sold

TR731 - 1 Available

TR732 - Sold

TR733 - 1 Sold

TR734 - Sold

TR735 - 1 Available

TR736 - 1 Available

TR737 - Sold

TR738 - 1 Available

TR739 - 1 Available

TR740 - Reserved for HASFA

TR741 - Sold

TR742 - 2 Available

TR743 - Reserved for Renie

TR744 - Sold

TR745 - 1 Available

TR746 - 2 Available

TR747 - 2 Sold

TR748 - Reserved for HASFA

TR749 - Sold

TR750 - 1 Available

TR751 - Reserved for NURUL

TR752 - 1 Available

Price - RM45

TR393 - 1 Available

TR542 - 1 Available

TR665 - 2 Available

TR667 - 1 Available

TR719 - 1 Available

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